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Huzhou Xinxi Wuxing Silk CO., Ltd
About Us
     We are Huzhou Xinxi Wuxing Silk CO., Ltd, 24 years of manufacturer in Huzhou, China. We specialized in all kinds of care labels material for printing machine. There are nylon taffeta, polyester taffeta, slit edge polyester satin, woven edge polyester satin, Acetate ribbon (hand tear ribbon), cotton ribbon, self-adhesive, hot melt adhesive, non-woven fabric, tyvek paper, etc.
     The materials supplied by our company are certified by TESTEX?Switzerland OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 CLASS I. The company has passed ISO9001, GRS (GLOBAL RECYLED STANDARD) for recycle certification, and always strictly controls safety, environmental protection and quality.
Contact Information
Company Name: Huzhou Xinxi Wuxing Silk CO., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. ffeffe tata
Address: FengHuang bridge development zone,Huzhou,ZheJiang,China.
Zip: 313000
Web Site:
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