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Guangzhou Joyshine Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd
About Us
    The inflatable water park factory is a kind of theme park. Most entertainment facilities are related to water. Common facilities included inflatable floating water park: inflatable giant water slide and the inflatable water funny city. As one of the theme parks, the water park has become the hottest star among current urban tourism products with its unique cultural connotation, scientific content and powerful entertainment functions.
     Inflatable floating water park can also be made into multi-functional aqua park, like the giant amusement inflatable water park on lake or island. By searching the way to play with our inflatable water obstacle course, people can get much pleasure and fun.You can run on it, climb up high to to top of it, jump down to the water, swim within it''s scope or around it etc. If you prefer a cosy way, it''ll be nice to just lay down there and enjoy the sunbath
     Inflatable giant water slide, the inflatable skeletion support the slide to make more stable and secure. It has to slide with the water or soap-suds to more irritative.You can climb from the back side and slide from front.
Contact Information
Company Name: Guangzhou Joyshine Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Mr. chengchengzi chengchengzi
Address: guangdong,guangdong,guangdong,China.
Zip: 12323
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