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 [Sell] Sell Elastic Denim Shell Fabric
The specifications of the fabric features an additional yarn dyed with reactive dye to warp-wise yarns, showing highly distinctive washing e......
From Jiangyin Tianda Textile Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Cotton Denim Shell Fabric
Our denim shell fabrics adopt top-quality cotton assortment. Their regular non-elastic fabric has a width of 59/61 inches, and 66/77 for spe......
From Jiangyin Tianda Textile Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Colorful Denim
1) 12+7 x 200/40D
2) Composition: 76% cotton, 22% polyester, 2% spandex
3) The ready-made women''s dress shows special feature......
From Jiangyin Tianda Textile Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Solid & Dobby Poly Stretch Fabric
1) Construction: 150D x 150D
2) Composition: 95% poly, 5% span
3) Weight: 360g/m
4) Width: 56/58"
5) Solid, striped, dobby an......
From Hangzhou Yongsheng Group Co., Ltd.   [China]
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